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While a number of issues can stem from a divorce or separation, one of the most contentious is child custody. It is important to understand that the court will always make the child's best interests as its highest priority, meaning that a decision will be made that maintains stability in the child's life and ensures that he or she receives the necessary care.

The court determines several factors when determining child custody:

Circumstances of each spouse
Nature of the case
Religious faith of the parents and child
Welfare of the child
Child's preference based on age, experience, maturity, judgment, and ability to express preference

Types of Child Custody

There are several different forms of child custody that are designed to best meet the needs of the child in consideration of the circumstances and situations of each parent. There are two major sections that play a role in child custody. Those forms include legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody involves the right of each parent to have influence and authority on matters in the child's life, including school, health, and extracurricular activities. Physical custody entails the actual physical possession of the child, which is generally formed into a schedule for each parent.

Other forms of child custody that stem from these two major areas include:

Sole child custody
Primary physical custody
Joint custody
Split custody

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